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Feng Shui For Apartments In Westfield

March 13, 2024
Stylish apartment bedroom with wood furniture and dark green wall behind bed.

We could all benefit from increased harmony and balance in our lives, but you probably don’t know where to start. One of the first facets to consider is your living area. A simple redesign employing feng shui guidelines could work wonders for your home and even impact your well-being. Explore feng shui for apartments in Westfield and find suggestions on integrating.

What Is Feng Shui?

Apartment living room with fireplace, cream-colored furniture, and glass table.

In existence for thousands of years, feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of assembling items or even buildings in a way that attains symmetry while promoting tranquility and prosperity. It’s based on the principle of chi, an energy force that is found in all things. Within this lifeforce are corresponding yin and yang forces that have to be in balance to acheive an ideal energy flow.

The belongings within a room that affect its chi can all be grouped into one of these five elements: fire, earth, water, wood, and metal. It’s accepted that chi may be boosted by adding, mixing, or removing these elements to find the right equilibrium. Here are what they represent, as well as the colors and shapes affiliated with them:

  • Fire: Relates to high energy and vibrancy. Think of darker orange and red colors and triangles. Incorporate with candles and lamps.
  • Earth: Relates to order, stability, and strength. It is seen with browns and greens and square or rectangular shapes. Incorporate with pottery, landscape images, etc.
  • Metal: Relates to alertness, focus, and organization. Marked by white, metallic, and gray colors and circles or ovals. Incorporate stones, rocks, or any sort of metal objects.
  • Water: Connected to wisdom, spirituality, and emotion and represented by black or darker tones, reflective surfaces, and curved or asymmetrical shapes. Use glass objects, mirrors, and water features.
  • Wood: Affiliated with things like growth, creativity, and vitality and represented with blues and greens and longer, pillar-like shapes. You might use houseplants and wood home furnishings.

Make a list of which elements you want more of in your life and design to match.

Feng Shui Tips For Your Westfield Apartment

Kitchen and entryway of an apartment with bar counter, hanging lights, and archway.

Feng shui has been important to home design for many years and is suitable for interiors of all sizes, including apartments. Here are some additional feng shui tips for your apartment in Westfield.

Align Objects In The Commanding Position

A fundamental part of feng shui is the commanding position. By and large, this refers to a central item in a room, such as the bed, sofa, or stove. These objects should be:

  • As far from the entryway as feasible
  • Not right in line with the door, but the doorway ought to be seen
  • Situated diagonally if possible

Follow These Room Tips

Besides the commanding position, you should adhere to these suggestions for the following spaces in your apartment.

  • Entryway: Keep this area clean, neat, and easy to see, as this is the place where energy flows in.
  • Bedroom: Put your bed in the commanding position, and utilize matching furniture for symmetry. Steer clear of plants and limit the use of electrical devices and job-related tools. Use a headboard and shift beds beside a wall to add stability.
  • Living room: Put your most-used seating option in the commanding position and have sofas or chairs facing one another to promote communication. Try not to center the space around entertainment equipment.

Create Your Perfect Getaway At Ashley Place Apartments In Westfield

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